Edited on December 19, 2016

Release Notes

1.6.2 changes :

  • Fixed a couple of issues
    • Broken session export / import
    • Fixed JMX issue where the wrong JVM would be monitored

1.6.1 changes :

  • Client start script
    • Automatically picks up the tools.jar of the JDK if you set its path in the script (JAVA_PATH). That makes the process attach connector easier to use.
  • Generic pseudo-events
    • We're introducing generic events, which allows us to build new features and consolidate existing features based on events, regardless of whether they come from instrumentation or sampling. In the end, an event is an event and can be analyzed as such.
  • Non-threaddump metric harvesting & System metric charting
    • We are now harvesting system metrics such as CPU and Memory usage and charting them automatically. We're generally enclined to adding new information and views if we believe they help people in that they don't have to open multiple tools or as many tools to analyze a problem.
  • Documentation effort
    • We're working on documenting features that have been "express released" in 1.5.1 or 1.5.2 but not necessarily documented or well documented (for example, subscriptions). Unless people express the need for more documentation or more detailed documentation in certain areas, especially in areas that are subject to major changes and overhaul in the future, we are not necessarily going to invest much into documenting them (best effort approach). However, do contact us if you feel you could benefit from certain undocumented features. We'll be happy to support you and in doing so, we will create material which will go a long way towards documenting them.
  • Bug fixes