What is denkbar?

denkbar is a collaboration platform which aims at providing individuals and businesses with high quality open-source software. denkbar provides documentation, support, case studies and means to communicate with one another on multiple engineering topics. You can join this initiative and download our tools for free at any point in time.

The reason why we're so open-source centric is because we believe that a collaborative approach is the best way to increase quality, security and performance when developing a complex solution. A community-driven project also has the massive advantage of limiting redundant efforts. As successful open-source projects gain visibility and reach a mainstream status, the probability for people to reinvent the wheel shrinks, which makes the open-source approach a major catalyst for human progress. Lastly, we believe in the philosophy and ethics which come with most open-source licenses, and in particular, the GPL.

The term denkbar litterally means "thinkable", from the german words denk (think), and -bar (-able), implying that we're encouraging people to think and create out of the box.


What denkbar isn't

denkbar in itself is not a brand, a product, a business nor a company. Although this initiative is strongly supported by a private organization which we run separately (exense Gmbh), we're dedicated to making our knowledge and code accessible to anyone who's interested in them, and we try to work in a fully transparent manner.


What if I need commercial support?

If you need extended support or a commercial offering for the software you found here, just contact us through the form in our contact section or reach us at contact@exense.ch (http://exense.ch).


I want to contribute, what can I do?

If you like the resources you found here, you can help us in many ways.

If you're an employee, you could convince your boss to let you send us a testimony or use the image of their company for us to advertise our software with. If you're running a business that takes advantage of our software you can also become a sponsor and donate to us in various ways (whether it be some of your own time, rights to use your image, or by donating resources such as server power or money..).

If you're an individual, you can send us bug reports and detailed enhancement requests via Github. But remember, code is not the best or at least the only way to help. If, for example, you have a running djigger collector, please send us your analysis sessions so that we can incorporate them as case studies, for other people to understand better how to use our tools but also to help building a knowledge base of performance problems.

You can also send us chunks of documentation that we'll add to the site or just simply send us any sort of feedback. We love feedback.

Lastly, if you're a skilled person (whether an ops guy, a graphist, a software engineer) and are willing to join forces, just contact us and we could figure out a way to work together.


What software license(s) are you using ?

As stated on our Licensing page, as of right now, our open-source software is distributed under the GPL v3 Affero license.


I want to talk to you, how can I reach you ?

Please use the contact form or general information available on our Contact page.